Snow is a musical romance set in Greenwich Village, 1969. Winner of ASCAP’s Harold Arlen Award for Best New Musical and four Spirit Awards for Best Book, Best Score, Best Lyrics and Best New Work, it follows an eventful year in the life of three young people: Georgia, a young grad student who becomes pregnant; Kyle, a street musician who has an affair with a famous folk singer and Raven, a songwriter who comes to terms with his sexuality.

Title: Lost In The Snow Role: Composer / Lyricist

Title: Pretty Girl In The Park Role: Composer / Lyricist

Title: Are You Coming Home? Role: Composer / Lyricist

Title: The Snows Of Malibu Role: Composer / Lyricist

Title: Have You Seen Him? Role: Composer / Lyricist

Title: Rules Are For Fools Role: Composer / Lyricist

Title: Steven Ivy Role: Composer / Lyricist

Title: You Never Know Where Your're Going Til You're There Role: Composer / Lyricist

Title: Living On Wonderland Role: Composer / Lyricist

Title: Kansas Role: Composer / Lyricist

Title: I Like What I See Role: Composer / Lyricist

Title: Come Out Role: Composer / Lyricist

Title: Ashes Role: Composer / Lyricist

Title: Things Just Happen Role: Composer / Lyricist

Title: Cold, Cold, Cold Role: Composer / Lyricist

Title: The Wedding Of The Year Role: Composer / Lyricist

Title: Deal With It Role: Composer / Lyricist

Number the Stars is a musical adventure, based on the beloved and Newbury Award winning novel by Lois Lowry. It tells the story of the rescue of the Danish Jews during World War 2 through the eyes of 10-year-old Annemarie Johansen and her best friend, Ellen Rosen. When the Nazis begin arresting Jews, Ellen comes to live with Annemarie’s family until they can help her escape to nearby Sweden. Annemarie learns that even the youngest of us can help others in a time of need.

Title: Three Years Role: Composer / Lyricist

Title: I’ll Tell You Just A Little Role: Composer / Lyricist

Cupid And Psyche, written with composer Jihwan Kim, is a musical comedy romance based on the Greek myth about the eternal triangle: boy, girl and mother-in-law. Venus, the goddess of love, wants to punish the beautiful mortal Psyche, so she sends her son, Cupid as a hit man. Instead, Cupid falls in love with Psyche, but is unwilling to commit or face his mother’s wrath. It’s up to Psyche to perform heroic tasks and to go through Hades (literally) to set things right.Cupid And Psyche, which has been produced at several regional theaters including the Village Theatre in Issaquah, WA, was produced off-off-Broadway and received a nomination for the Drama Desk Award for Outstanding Lyrics.

Title: I Hate Love Role: Lyricist

Title: Don’t Mess With a Goddess Role: Lyricist

Love And Real Estate, written with composer Sam Davis,is a collection of musical one-acts, based on classic tales and myths, but set in contemporary times. Home After Dark updates the myth of Persephone to a rebellious teenage daughter who makes an online date with a mysterious stranger. Love And Real Estate turns The Three Little Pigs into a story about three sisters who move to the city and encounter a strangely charming young man. A third musical, based on the Faust legend, is still in progress. An earlier version of the show, entitled Dysfunctional Fables, was produced at the Orlando Fringe Festival, where it won the Audience Favorite Award.

Title: The Land of The Dead   Role: Lyricist

Title: Love And Real Estate   Role: Lyricist

Title: Table For One?   Role: Song Writer / Lyrics / Song Sheets

Little Women, written with composer Kim Oler and lyricist Alison Hubbard, is based on Louisa May Alcott’s beloved novel about four sisters in Civil War era America. Jo, Meg, Beth and Amy all experience love and loss and a struggle for identity in this version, which focuses on Jo’s emergence as a writer and her coming to terms with the death of her beloved sister, Beth. Little Women has been produced regionally at such theaters as Syracuse Stage and Village Theatre, and is published by Theatrical Rights Worldwide.(link for TRW) For further information, or to hear songs from the score, visit


I have written songs for two Disney channel animated series, Book of Pooh and Bear In the Big Blue House.

Title: Who Is Me? Role: Composer / Lyricist

Title: Flying Role: Composer / Lyricist

With various collaborators, I have written about twenty musicals for children. These range in subject from Jewish holidays and folklore (Holy Moses, Joseph And Koza, Hello, Tomorrow!) to adaptations of classic children’s books (Sunshine, Tsugele) and original stories (Appalachian Spring, Hotel Jamaica.) Some of these were written to be performedfor children, some to be performed by children and some by a combination of the two. More information available on request.

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